Omada has released version 3.2 of its widely adopted SAP Connectivity Pack which provides efficient tools for organizations using SAP and Microsoft technologies as core IT infrastructure. The SAP Connectivity Pack includes the SAP Management Agent for Microsoft FIM, SAP Collector for Omada Data Warehouse, and Omada’s SAP Connectivity Interface.

Omada’s SAP Connectivity Pack connects applications and systems to the underlying IT infrastructure. Complex business specific identities are translated into user friendly content devoid of technical terms. As a result user access administration becomes transparent and user provisioning is more efficient whether it is performed manually or through automated self-service processes.

The latest SAP Connectivity Pack includes a range of enhancements and new capabilities including:

  • Extended support for SAP ECC and 4.x ERP systems via SAP PI (process integration) and directly via SAP’s ABAP web services to integrate transparently with all the core SAP modules
  • Expanded integration directly to SAP’s Human Resource modules
  • Enhancements to SAP 4.x proxy web service (support for Dynamic Receiver).
  • Significantly enhanced performance when performing initial load from SAP sources into the Omada Identity Warehouse as well as continuous loads and reconciliation over time of data in the warehouse

The new SAP Connectivity Pack has already been released and is employed at customer sites. The SAP Connectivity Pack is immediately available for customers on current software assurance. You can learn more about Omada Identity Suite and our solutions here.

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