Combines applications, systems and identity stores into logical IT resources

Today, Omada released a new version of the Omada Identity Suite that offers an innovative IT Resource Lifecycle Management capability. Users want access to the resources (i.e. applications, user permissions, assets) that they require to fulfill their job function. Often, for IT that translates into a complex set of user access permissions that spans across multiple applications, which typically contains limited or no business context. As a result, user access administration becomes increasingly complex expanding the gap between the business and the IT administration.

The new IT Resource Lifecycle Management business workflow solves this problem. Essentially, the workflow creates logical applications that the business can read and understand, and provides automation that handles access privilege changes in the underlying IT infrastructure. The workflow innovatively handles situations where access to applications is partly managed within the applications themselves and partly in enterprise wide identity stores such as Active Directory or LDAP.

This innovative new resource identity handling capability is yet another step towards Omada’s strategy of delivering more packaged functionality. We have already seen significant customer acceptance of our packaged processes such as user attestation for compliance, on-/off-boarding of staff and contractors and now also application on-/off-boarding, In the new release presentation of resources is done in the context of the business making it easier for IT and business users to perform self-service and re-certification, as well as automate compliance reporting and user provisioning.

Additionally, the new Omada Identity Suite release includes stronger identity governance and compliance enforcement with even more flexible SoD enforcement that is applied at the identity level. Enhancements also include standardized reporting and an improved dashboard interface that facilitates system wide user experience customization and localization and a dynamically adaptable survey editor as well as Windows Server 2012R2 support. Learn more here.

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