The Microsoft Forefront roadmap announcement supports Omada’s integration strategy

Maybe you noticed that recently, Microsoft unveiled plans for the Microsoft Forefront roadmap including information that a new release of FIM can be expected in 2015. The announcement is great news for our many clients who are utilizing FIM sync for integration purposes. Now these organizations can rest assured that the FIM Sync will be invested in by Microsoft and will be supported in the future. Omada’s strategy has always focused on delivering a flexible business centric solution that adapts to changes over time in line with our customers needs. This includes flexible integration across on-premise and cloud applications providing support for multiple options like FIM Sync, ESB, and others. The recent roadmap announcement from Microsoft including the new cloud focus again validates our sustainable platform strategy. The Omada solution provides a strong value proposition for customers looking for a holistic identity governance and identity access management solution utilizing the Microsoft SQL Server and BI stack as well as optionally FIM Sync for identity management integration.  If you are interested in learning more about this, please contact us here.

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